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What is a Wellness Recovery Action Plan® (WRAP®) and how do I use it?

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan®, or WRAP®, is an evidence based practice that is used world-wide by people who are dealing with mental health challenges as well as medical conditions. Diabetes, weight gain, pain management, addictions, smoking, and trauma are just some of the many life challenges that can benefit from WRAP. WRAP can also be used as a framework to guide relationships in peer support, recovery groups, agencies, and organizations.

WRAP is being used in schools, prisons, hospitals, and veterans’ facilities. It is used with people of all ages who want to attain the highest possible level of wellness. It was originally developed by a group of people who lived with mental health difficulties and were searching for ways to resolve their wellness issues. WRAP was their answer, and it can be used by anyone looking to develop a plan to manage a path to wellness.

WRAP involves listing your personal resources, your Wellness Tools, and then using those resources to develop an Action Plan to use in specific situations which you determine. WRAP is adaptable for any situation and can include a Crisis Plan or Advance Directive.

WRAP is for Life! – It is for everyone, anytime, and for any of life's challenges.

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WRAP for Life - Available NOW!

Feel Better, Get Well, and Stay Well for LIFE

Who can benefit from using WRAP? Anyone who wants to create a personal WRAP and use it as a guide to daily living can benefit. Mary Ellen Copeland’s WRAP for Life helps guide people who want to address or recover from any illness, condition, circumstance, or issue that is interfering with their quality of life. You can use it to keep yourself well, to prevent the onset of illness, or to break ineffective, troublesome and dangerous habits.

WRAP is complimentary to, and not necessarily a replacement for other wellness and health care programs or treatments of your choice. It is a safe and prudent addition to any chosen course of treatment. WRAP for Life will help you think about the stages and process of whatever issue or challenge you want to address; it will help you recognize those subtle changes or signs that show you that things might be getting worse and that you need to take action. WRAP for Life will teach you to use your own self-determined plans to help yourself feel better, get well, and stay well for life.

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WRAP for Life: Live Webinar with Mary Ellen Copeland

Join Mary Ellen Copeland for a live Webinar on September 10

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Join Mary Ellen Copeland as she presents her new book WRAP for Life. We all are very excited about this book and Mary Ellen will be talking about how WRAP is for Life.

“I felt a real need to develop a comprehensive book that described WRAP intensively, from the list of Wellness Tools, through the Daily Maintenance Plan, Triggers, Early Warning Signs, When Things are Breaking down, the Crisis Plan and the Post Crisis Plan.  

Although it is impossible, in WRAP for Life I have tried to address every question that has ever come up about WRAP, relying on people from all over the world to supply me with answers.  The internet helped a lot as I put out questions to people with lived experience and got lots and lot of answers from the real experts--YOU.  

Many of the questions have been about adapting WRAP for specific uses. And so, in this book, we have included WRAP Plans for addressing specific issues, things like using WRAP in the Criminal Justice System, for losing weight, for reducing clutter, for aging, to stop smoking, for addressing work-related issues--the list goes on and on. I hope you will join me on this wellness journey. For life.”

The presentation will be followed by a live question and answer session with Mary Ellen. Join us!


Healthy Living for Kids – WRAP a Powerful Personal Guide for Life

Mary Ellen Copeland writes, “When you are young, it’s a great time to learn how to take care of yourself and how to help yourself feel better. WRAP can become a tool to be used throughout life to stay well, to recover if needed, and to meet life’s goals and dreams.” A WRAP Workbook for Kids is an easy to read workbook style book that guides kids aged 7-14 through creating their own Wellness Recovery Action Plan (Wrap).  In A WRAP Workbook for Kids, three 10 year olds, Esther, Hawk and Akincana, help guide young people through developing their own WRAP. The workbook is colorful and easy to use.

A WRAP Workbook for Kids is written using examples from three real kids, Hawk, Esther and Akincana. These kids guide the readers and help them create their own tools. It starts with Wellness Tools from each of the kids. So for example Esther’s Wellness tools include: ride my bike, snuggle with stuffed animals, swing in the hammock, eat fruit and knit. Kids are encouraged to use the lists from the guides as a starting point for their list and to use items or create their own tools on their list. “It is up to you”. The book is designed to be used by the kids themselves or with the assistance of adults.

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Mary Ellen Copeland and her staff cannot address personal mental health problems and issues. We care very much about your concerns but we must focus our efforts on education and resource development. For more information on how to get help for yourself or the people you are supporting, please use the resources on this website.

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